In 2007, we enabled and helped the Festival of Hope in Kiev to be broadcast by satellite to 104 other cities in Ukraine. This scene is from Dnieprodzerzhins'k.

Community Ministries

Community ministries are those services intended to address the needs of an entire community rather than just individuals. Traditional Christian ministries over the centuries have included establishing schools, hospitals, clean water projects, relief projects (especially after disasters), and rescue missions. This theme picture

Other kinds of projects include cleaning parks, beaches, waterways, or streets. It might extend to undertaking needs that the community infrastructure can't do (for lack of funds or legal authority). In some poor communities, there may be ministries to provide an income to people. (Examples include providing sewing machines, materials for making hygiene or other needed products, autorickshaws for running taxi services in rural areas, bicycles to help people spread a cottage industry over a wider area, or just giving people ideas about how they can assist the broader community profitably and affordably. In much of Africa, building community water filters or digging wells is a valued community projects.)

Larger projects might be beyond the resources of single congregations, but many congregations working together can get the job done. Occasionally, MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries helps to form a collaboration across denominational lines. Vision4Africa is an example of this, but we have also done this in many cities. These collaborations can also be effective advocates for social justice issues and affecting legislation at all levels of government, such as human trafficking, child exploitation, spousal abuse, homelessness, and anti-divisiveness.

The activities of community ministries are not constrained to physical needs, it also extends to spiritual needs. The Vision Ukraine ministries to parents of disabled children or ministries to refugee communities are examples. However, organizing or leading public prayers or demonstrations against injustices or for public projects to protect children are examples of community ministries as well. Even being a cheerleader for another ministry's good idea can help transform a city.

Working with churches in one region that were already helping addicted people to overcome drugs and alcohol, our ministry helped them cooperate in a way that greatly improved the success of all of their programs and assisted the people they had been helping in many new ways to ensure they stayed clean and sober. Many people were so helped that they volunteered to help take the Good News of Christ to small villages that had never had a church before. As of 2020, more than 48 villages have stable church congregations where there had been none before.

Operating Ministries

Ministries to Military Communities and Individuals and First Responders.

Ministries to our military communities, including families and veterans is an essential service to our broader community and our Nation in the name of our LORD.

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Organizing Churches and Community Services to Work Together

In many places, We are a minority ministry, but in almost every community we are in, we are leaders in organizing activities and recruiting the Body of Christ to serve the needs of the community.

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Discipleship of Youth

Youth ministries abound and MATTHEW 25:34-40 has multiple forms of discipleship programs for youth of ages from preschool to young adult.

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Prayer Networking

The Ministry maintains a series of prayer networks (many dozens in each language) supporting local issues, national issues, missionaries, ministry needs, special events & disasters, personal needs, etc.

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Prayer Organizing and Leadership

Prayer is one of the most important activities of a Christian's life and group pray is most important to congregational life and the community of faith.

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Anti-trafficking Ministries

Human Trafficking is a scourge in almost every nation of the world. It is a cruel form of slavery. There is Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking; both are a cruel evil.

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Bible Distribution Ministries

The Bible, as God's word to us, is very important to everything we do across all of our other ministries.

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Support for Life in the Womb

Support for Life in the Womb is a comprehensive ministry supporting women and men in making good decisions to bring their baby to a full-term, healthy birth and growth to be a healthy adult.

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Ministries to Veterans

Military veterans often suffer from unique combinations of issues related to experiencing the violence of combat.

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