Group of people meeting during work and praying.

Church@Work (Worship with co-workers in the work-week)

Church@Work is a celebration of practicing corporate worship in the workplace. Church@Work participants report a whole new view on life: their vocation (calling by God to labor) is now a joy. The problems in the workplace are now viewed in a whole new perspective. Church@Work congregations/working groups have a record of high achievements - various group achievement awards, company awards, promotions, and individual achievement awards, but this recognition comes from the LORD, who rewards their faithful worship and seeking to honor Him. Church@Work is now available in Spanish as well; for the supporting courses in Spanish, please go to the Spanish resources on the Language Page.

The basic model consists of a Prayer Meeting on Monday, a Bible Study on Tuesday, a time of Praise, Worship, & Testimonies on Wednesday, Discipleship & Counseling on Thursdays, and In-reach/Out-reach projects on Fridays. This model is very flexible to accommodate variances in work schedules, flexible work hours, and available break times in the work day. Some groups meet before work, some afterwards, and some at lunch times. Some meet between shifts.

Every effort is for participants to provide an excellent testimony to their managers and co-workers, so work rules are carefully followed.

The various meetings are shared among participants under one or two lay leaders and some lay leaders-in-training. Everybody learns through participation and guided preparation through the course materials and other resources provided through the Ministry.

The following courses are core materials for Church@Work:

1. The Biblical Prayer Course. This course teaches Prayer from many different angles, but leaders of the Prayer meeting should be familiar with its contents and application. No other activity is more important in our spiritual life than prayer. Every Church@Work activity is dependent on prayer for success. All Church@Work participants are encouraged to know this course material well enough to teach the course! It will help them in their individual prayer life, devotional times, and as a leader in community activities.

Download the Prayer materials through the link below. Look specifically for the "Prayer-The Course" download. Other resources under the "Biblical Prayer Principles" package are also important.

2. The Biblical Interpretation Course. This course teaches the principles of Bible interpretation from the Bible itself. Every Bible study leader should be familiar with this. All other Church@Work participant is encouraged to know this course material well enough to teach the course. It will help them in their devotionals and personal study as well.

Download The Biblical Interpretation Course

3. The Biblical Leadership Course. This course teaches the principles of leadership from a Biblical perspective. These principles are useful in any leadership position but important in preparation for leadership in Church@Work meetings and in community activities as well. Church@Work members report the value of this course in the workplace - even more than other courses used by the company courses. "If you can lead volunteers effectively, you can lead almost any group."

Download The Biblical Leadership Course

4. The Church@Work Course. Everything you need for starting and conducting Church@Work. Organization, rules, processes, and practices are all covered. The supporting resources, including the local Ministry Association, are discussed. Participants in Church@Work are encouraged to voluntarily perform services in the form of Matthew 25:34-40; they are also encouraged to take a short-term mission trip to another culture. Local services make us more aware of the needs in our local community. Mission trips give us insights into the spirituality of other cultures, which helps each of us to better understand our place in the Global Body of Christ.

Download The Church@Work Course

5. The Foundations of a Healthy Well-Balanced Church Course. FHWBC gives us principles to recognize healthy congregations in the community as well as seeing spiritual health and unhealth in our own life. The goal is to help us recognize excellent congregations in the community for us to join with our family. If we should arise to a level of leadership in our family church, the course helps us to better keep the congregation in the center of the will of Christ. Spiritual balance is tenuous at best, given that each of us has a sin nature, so the principles of this course help us to restore spiritual balance in ourselves and to counsel others. The course derives from the letters to the Churches in Revelation 2 and 3.

Download The Foundations of a Healthy Well-balanced Church Course

6. The Course on Grace. Grace is an essential concept in our spiritual life. It is a central concept for us to know and practice individually and collectively as Christians. Grace needs to be in the center of every person's heart. This course is a center-piece of all of our Bible schools and colleges and many of our ministries. Every member of our Ministries needs to know and understand the principles of this course. Every Church@Work congregation needs to practice grace in the workplace and among themselves.

Download The Course on Grace

There are several other courses which are interesting to Church@Work:

A. The Speed of Light. Since most of the Church@Work is constituted of engineers and scientists, this resource, suitable for briefing or teaching, is of special interest. The Speed of Light shows how modern science perspectives can be reconciled to the Bible in a manner that affirms the truth of the Bible while maintaining the integrity of science. The Speed of Light (c) has been slowing down. This has been known to be factual for several hundred years, but only acknowledged by Science since the late 1960s. Even now, not all of the ramifications of this truth have been accepted by the general Science community, but they are profound in their implications.

Download The Speed of Light Course

B. Marriage. This is a topic of special interest to Church@Work. Whether contemplating marriage or having been married for awhile, the course covers a host of topics useful in discipleship and counseling.

Download The Marriage by God's Design Course

Church On The Streets (COTS) is a church ministry to homeless camps in the community. The COTS ministry is organizationally under the authority of Church@Work since the majority of organizers and volunteers supporting COTS are Church@Work members. For more information, go to the COTS Ministry page.

Download The Biblical Leadership Course

All of the resources have proven of interest to Church@Work members, as attested to the fact that many were originally produced by Church@Work people. Keep checking on the Ministry website to find new resources. Also, subscribe to the Ministry Newsletter.

Resources Download

All resources on this page are free. If you need a version in a specific language, check the Language page. If it isn't there, feel free to translate it, ensuring that you use the most reliable Bible translation. Please retain a citation of this website as a source. Please return a copy of the translation to us for further distribution.

Mission's Resources

We freely share our various ministry concepts and associated resources to promote the growth and health of congregations locally and worldwide and enabling them to have more effective outreaches.

We encourage people to download all resources for the use of their local ministries and to translate them into local language(s). When a resource is translated, ensure that you use the most reliable Bible translation in that language for Bible references and citations.

If someone uses a Resource and translates it to another language, we request that they share it back to us so we may distribute it more widely.
We request that you would cite MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries or this website as the site where you obtained the original.

Grace Course

Grace is one of the most important concepts of the Christian faith. We need to thoroughly understand its nature and application in our daily lives.

Download Resource

Biblical Prayer Principles

Prayer is fundamental to everything we do in our Ministries. We desire every member of every ministry and every part of our Ministry Association to be sound prayer warriors.

Download Resource

Biblical Interpretation Course

How to properly interpret the Bible is an essential duty of every believer. This Course covers what the Bible says about interpreting the Bible.

Download Resource

Biblical Leadership

Biblical Leadership is the collection of resources used to conduct the Biblical Leadership Course, including handouts.

Download Resource

Foundations of a Biblically Healthy Well-Balanced Church

Christ is the Head of the Church, but human leaders oversee congregations. Congregational leaders must constantly ensure that worldly influences have not distracted the congregation.

Download Resource

Supporting Ministries

These are various ministers that support this overall mission. Each supporting ministry comes with its own supporting resources and courses.

Matthew 25:34-40 Activity Ministries

Matthew 25:34-40 describes a series of activities for which the righteous are rewarded because they have done them.

Download Resource

Community Ministries

Community ministries are those services intended to address the needs of an entire community rather than just individuals.

Download Resource
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