Grace (English)

Presentation in PowerPoint for Course on Grace (English)

This is a MS PowerPoint designed for small groups or as a self-paced course. Use it side-by side with your Bible, as the course requires you to read Bible verses side by side with the PPT. This course is important to multiple ministries.

Grace is an essential component in every relationship we have: with God, with family, with neighbors, with co-workers, with each community in which we live, and in our society as a whole. As we understand grace, it motivates us to be grateful and to be more energetic in serving the needs of other in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace is important to our understanding of Biblical truth, spiritual power, peace, faith, wisdom, love and mercy.

This Course on Grace is important for the Church@Work, COTS Ministry, all of our ministries to those who are hurting or who are in slavery to a specific sin issue (such as substance abuse, pornography, eating disorders, etc.), or which require heavy counseling. All people in leadership positions need to understand this course and its concepts well enough to teach it to others.

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