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Overarching Resources

Biblical Prayer Principles

Prayer is fundamental to everything we do in our Ministries. We desire every member of every ministry and every part of our Ministry Association to be sound prayer warriors.

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Individual Resources

Christian Responsibilities in Promoting Social Harmony & Justice

This resource summarizes responsibilities of Christians, individually and collectively, have to promote social harmony and justice in their communities.

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About Church@Work

This is a briefing resource about Church@Work - what it is, its history, and how to do it.

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Time Management Course

We all live in time and need to handle our daily lives so WE don't get out of control - that is Time Management.

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Tuning the Heart for Prayer

Ideally, we should always be in tune with the Spirit and close communications with God; none of us is ideal. We need to know how to fix this.

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Prayers of Paul

The prayers of Paul found in his letter to churches and pastors give us insight into the apostle's heart for prayer.

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Relationships with God and Components of Intimacy (table)

Relationships with God and Components of Intimacy is a one-page table comparing God's relationship toward us to our relationships with each other

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Biblical Concepts of Race

In this sin-cursed world, Biblical concepts are distorted in our cultures and conversations and politics; the concept of race is a critical issue that has led to wars, exploitation, and other evils over the millennia.

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Bible on Treatment of Aliens, Foreigners, and Strangers

The Bible has much to say on the treatment of aliens, foreigners, and strangers. This paper pulls them together.

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On Creation

On Creation is a brief apologetic comparison between science and the Bible on explaining the origins of the Universe.

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The Design of Deoxyribonucleic Acid

The Design of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is discussed in lay terms to help everyone see through some of the falsehood of evolutionary thought.

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The Mazzaroth Defense

The Mazzaroth Defense is a longer companion to The Mazzaroth resource.

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The Mazzeroth

The Mazzeroth is the Hebrew zodiac. It has much in common with that of other ancient languages.

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The Stele of Jonah

The Stele of Jonah is an archaeological artifact recording the life of Jonah and the Book of Jonah.

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Differences in the translation of the Russian Synodial Text and NASB in JOB

The book of JOB has been taught a number of times within MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries.

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Passover and The LORD

This resource surveys the traditions used in celebrating the Passover Supper in relation to the Last Supper.

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Comments on Translations used in Studies

While the Ministries use a wide variety of Translations in various languages, only a few are used in our discipleship studies. This paper explains why.

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Our Bible

Our Bible is a very brief summary of the background of the Old Testament and the New Testament and why we can trust the lineage of the Bible.

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Christian Orthodoxy (PDF)

Christian Orthodoxy is a short summary of the central principles of the Christian faith agreed to by The Church through the 4th Century in PDF form.

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The Speed of Light

This resource is a short summary of good facts to know in conjunction with the Speed of Light Course. It is a useful handout.

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