Christian Responsibilities in Promoting Social Harmony & Justice

This resource summarizes responsibilities of Christians, individually and collectively, have to promote social harmony and justice in their communities. God has placed us in multiple communities and given us a commission to bring Christ into the center of each. The devil is making war on our societies world wide, and Christians have a responsibility to put on the full armor of God and counter these attacks.

The primary issues addressed within this scope is the divisiveness sown by the devil. Racism, Partisanship, and reactions to the pandemic Health Orders (which are amazingly uniform across the globe) are all filed with sinful divisiveness. Christians must promote unity in each community they have been given a place. Issues and techniques are discussed for promoting and seeking unity even across rival factions.

Ultimately, we want to bear the image of Christ in our words and behaviors so that unbelieving people in the community will pay heed and seek Christ's wisdom alongside of us. We win when we find wisdom from God to resolve the issues we share within our community AND when others join us in serving Christ.

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