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MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries is a careful steward of God’s resources. Nobody in the Ministries is salaried; we are all “tent-makers” in the image of Aquilla, Priscilla, and the Apostle Paul. We also have very few facilities and those we have were built with our own hands or (occasionally) are rented at low cost from partners in ministry. In addition, the administrative burdens of the Ministries are borne by an endowment which enables all funds which are donated to the Ministries to go directly to the purposes for which they were donated without any administrative expenses being deducted.

That said, we do have financial needs to support on-going projects and seasonal needs:

We support orphans in India and Ukraine on a monthly basis. In India, the funds provide food, clothing, school supplies, and medical care as well as upkeep of the orphanage facilities. In Ukraine, the orphanages are operated by the Ukrainian government, but we supply hundreds of volunteer hours weekly and special needs. The special needs include items not provided by the government on a regular basis or beyond the supply in their budget, such as feminine hygiene products, special soaps, a few medical supplies during adverse weather, etc. In addition, Vision Ukraine buys winter jackets and gloves prior to the cold season (it stays below freezing for several months), sports shoes, and supplies a summer camp for several weeks during the summer break (which includes food, indoor and outdoor games, Bible stories, and camping out). In other nations, the churches provide the suitable needs of their local areas, largely out of their own resources, but we occasionally add to their needs by special requests made known through our newsletters.

NOTE: We do NOT send physical items; we send funds to our local pastors who buy the needed items locally through local Christian businesses, where possible, or from other local sources (as a testimony). Sending clothing, toys, shoes, etc. overseas is VERY expensive, often costing much more for shipping than we pay locally.

We support on-going needs of several leper colonies in India.

In some places, [we provide blankets and clothing to people in jail (along with spiritual guidance and discipleship).

When there are disasters in the various nations where we work, our churches are quick to respond as they are able. Sometimes they need added help.

We support a number of worthy partner ministries such as Samaritan’s Purse, Prison Fellowship, Emmaus Road International, White Fields Missions, San Diego Rescue Mission, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, Child Rescue Mission (an anti-trafficking ministry), and many others. We provide donation services to people who want to support the worthy causes but who don’t want to be on a mailing list. You donate to MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries and designate to which organizations your funds are to be distributed and we do so without administrative burden and provide your with a tax receipt for your donation. You get the worldly and spiritual benefits without the worldly hastles of added email or snail mail.

God’s Word - we provide printed Bibles through a variety of ministries, special needs Bibles through the few ministries that publish them, and audio Bibles. We only use high quality translations and full-Gospel translations (both Old and New Testaments) because we emphasize the whole Word of God in our discipleship materials. In some areas, we are the primary Bible distributor in a region. We also help to distribute other discipleship materials, especially Children’s Bibles and Sunday School materials.

Funds (US Dollars) can be donated by sending a check (or international money order) to:

MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries1060 Alexandria DriveSan Diego, CA 92107-4115
The check should be made out to MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries and a memo or note provided to designate the purpose(s) you desire to support. If you designate “General”, we will not waste it - there are always special needs emerging somewhere.

We are also set up to receive vehicle donations through Cars4Causes (although we only receive net proceeds after the vehicle is picked up, processes, and sold).
We can receive donations through the Amazon Smile program.

There are several ways we can receive donations by credit card. Please contact us by mail (at the address above), email (, or telephone (619)223-1504 (there is a message machine if nobody is in the office).

We try to avoid credit card processing because several percent of the donation is lost to bank processing fees. We prefer that everything goes to the Lord’s work.

Serving Opportunities

Church@Work members should contact their local leadership for local service opportunities.

For others, if you or your church want ideas for serving opportunities, we may be able to help, especially if we have Church@Work congregations and a Ministry Association operating in your region. Email us (, or telephone (619)223-1504 (there is a message machine if nobody is in the office).