Matthew 25:34-40 Ministry Partners

Our Calling necessitates that we associate with anyone in our communities who are willing to work with us to achieve the goals Christ has given us. But we greatly desire to partner with organizations with compatible goals of serving Christ. We have many long-term and short-term partnerships from local to international. Some partnerships are project-specific while others are based on similar goals.

Ministry Association Partners

We form Ministry Associations within each community and region where we work. Each Ministry Association consists of individual Biblically healthy congregations which are willing to pray and to work with us. Denominationalism does not count. While different traditions are respected, sectarianism is not allowed to interfere with the working partnership. While congregations are free to join or leave a Ministry Association, most are enduring relationships. The bond of common services of prayers, community services helping those in need, and calls to support common causes (such as Biblical marriage, family values, sobriety,help to the addicted, or moral practices) helps to keep the congregations together and to inspire further works of unity.

We freely share all of our Ministry Resources with all of our Ministry Association Partners. Their only cost is the cost of reproducing the materials in the quantities they need.

We also conduct courses and seminars for our partners, usually at no cost or only for extraordinary expenses such as travel costs that exceed our own budget.

Discipleship Partners & Sharing of Resources

We partner with a number of organizations which have useful discipleship resources. The basis of the partnership is usually a written document or licensing agreement. In a number of cases, we translated our partners’ resources into languages used by our Missions (Russian, Ukrainian, and/or Telugu) at no cost in exchange for a license to use it royalty-free throughout out Ministries. In other cases, we received a license to modify a partner resource to extend its utility beyond its original ministry purpose to address new audiences.

Some of our partnerships include the following:

            Partner                                                         Resource

Emmaus Road International                           Serving As Senders; Prepare for Battle    (  (since 1994, 2012 renewal)

Life Perspectives                                             Abortion Changes You     (  (since 2016)

The Most Excellent Way Christian Fellowship    MEW Program Manual (since1997)

Restoring Relationships                                 Restoring Relationships Manual  ( (since 2011)

Partners in Evangelism

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association          30 Discipleship Lessons (1st Discipleship Lessons)  (  (since 2003)

Bible League                                                   ( (since2000)

ChildEvangelism Fellowship (SD & International)  ( & (since2003)

Navigators                                                       ( (since 2007)

New Tribes (now Ethnos360)                         ( (since 2001)

Partners in Church Planting

East African Revival Network                       (2007,now dissolved)

White Fields Missions                            (since 2001)

San Diego Church Planting Association (since 2007)

Partners in Services

Association of Gospel Rescue Missions         (

Indian Rescue Mission                                    ( (since 2009)

Samaritan’s Purse                                           ( (since2005)

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief                    ( (since 2005)

(plus the members of our Ministry Associations)

Local Partners

San Diego Downtown Fellowship of Churches and Ministries (

San Diego Rescue Mission                             (

Partners in Prayer Projects

Global Day of Prayer                                               

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

International Week of Prayer and Fasting               

International Women’s Day of Prayer                      

Joshua Project                                                   

National Day of Prayer                                     

Voice of the Martyrs                                         

World Day of Prayer                                         


Our International Partners

Our international partners are individual pastors, churches, and even entire denominations who have decided to associate with us. The partnership enrolls them in our communication and prayer networks. Of course, anyone can download and utilize our various resources, but they also benefit from our joint experiences and advice in their applying the resources most effectively.

We use both email and social media to encourage each other. (See our Facebook Page) Special prayer support is provided for difficult circumstances and instances of persecution.

Special prayer support includes how to prepare congregations to participate in elections and how to pray for national or local elections.

We provide proven strategies for church planting and community outreach using our resources.

We share successful ideas for supporting church and community activities with limited resources.

We provide links to other pastors who are dealing with similar situations so they can help each other.

We give special support to young pastors who lack local support or denominational support. In many cases, our help to one can end up helping an entire group of churches in a region.

Mutual prayer support is an essential part of the partnership, and having the communication links to “the other side of the mountain” proves to be the most important part of that support.

We communicate internationally to enable local pastors to communicate more effectively locally – within their congregations and across their communities.

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