Grace Course Examination Answers (English)

Grace Course Examination Answers.

Test your knowledge of the Biblical concept of Grace.

Ensure that you master both knowledge and application of this important concept.

How to use this resource.

If you have already downloaded the Grace Course Presentation, download the test and the separate test answers and print both out. Save the Grace Course (and Examination and separate Examination Answers) for your church, small group, or other group with which you are using the course. Print as many copies as you need.

After you have presented the Course Presentation, discussed it thoroughly, and answered question to everyone's satisfaction, take a break for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy some refreshments and talk about other things that may be going on in the community. Following the break, pass out the examination and make sure everyone has a writing implement. Allow a MAXIMUM of 45 minutes to take the examination. (30 Minutes is usually an adequate time.)

After everybody has completed the test, take turns comparing answers to the Grace Examination Answers. Discuss any differences and any examples of how the answers can be used in every day life examples. 100% is a passing grade if and only if you apply the concept to your daily life in your relationships with others.

[Some groups find it useful to retake the Grace course periodically, like annually or following a baptism or whenever there has been a significant change in group composition.]

Live in grace!

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