Support to our Military Communities is an essential service to our broader community and our Nation.

Ministries to Military Communities and Individuals and First Responders.

Ministries to our military communities, including families and veterans is an essential service to our broader community and our Nation in the name of our LORD. Each of these ministries are overlapping and interlocking. We partner with community organizations supporting the military communities and (separately) first response communities. Most of these community organizations are not faith-based, but through our partnership support, we can bring Christ into the midst of the community.

In addition to the military communities, we have found that many issues also are valuable to our neighbors who are in the First Response Community. The nature of being "on call" and seeing the worst side of our society has very negative impacts on family relationships and may result in spiritual trauma. Our marriage resources and Thanksgiving Therapy resources are every bit as valuable in helping the First Response community as for the Military. Some of our leaders serve as on-call chaplains to police (sometimes as ride-alongs), fire departments, and emergency room workers.

Support to 1st Response Communities is similar in Ministry form as support to Military Communities

We seek to support these communities through direct support volunteering opportunities (some police departments have a Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) program and sponsor community events in holiday seasons). We support Operation Stand-Down for military veterans (operating annually in many cities) with volunteers, chaplain support, and donations. We sometimes organize local churches for "Thank you" events in the region.

Ministries to Active Duty Military

Ministering to our military personnel with their many issues and helping military Chaplains with our many resources, especially people.

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Ministries to Military Families

Military families face a host of special issues and needs. The Church must address these needs and seek to prevent the most serious consequences.

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Ministries to Veterans

Military veterans often suffer from unique combinations of issues related to experiencing the violence of combat.

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