The map shows participating cities in '10 Days of Prayer'... One of many prayer projects in which we helped in local and regional organization and execution.

Prayer Networking

The Ministry maintains a series of prayer networks (many dozens) supporting local issues, national issues, missionaries, ministry needs, special events & disasters, personal needs, etc. Some prayer networks are language-specific while others are international. Some are unique to a locality. We seek to promote prayer in every congregation of our Ministry Associations and encourage every saint to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). See the Ministry Course on Biblical Prayer.

Some networks are topic-specific. For instance, we have a prayer network that provides prayer for every election in every nation and many localities; we have a network for each disaster that catches our attention and so forth.

Some networks are automated using closed communities on social media platforms or using text messaging or email. Other networks use prayer chains.

Every network seeks to pray in accordance with the will of God, not man, and in so doing to know if there is an action or responsibility revealed that is for local leaders to act on. At all times, God is to be glorified and praised.

Each network seeks to keep track of prayers offered and answered. When reported, the greater glory goes to our LORD.

Resources Download

All resources on this page are free. If you need a version in a specific language, check the Language page. If it isn't there, feel free to translate it, ensuring that you use the most reliable Bible translation. Please retain a citation of this website as a source. Please return a copy of the translation to us for further distribution.

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Ministry Resources

We freely share our various ministry concepts and associated resources to promote the growth and health of congregations locally and worldwide and enabling them to have more effective outreaches.

We encourage people to download all resources for the use of their local ministries and to translate them into local language(s). When a resource is translated, ensure that you use the most reliable Bible translation in that language for Bible references and citations.

If someone uses a Resource and translates it to another language, we request that they share it back to us so we may distribute it more widely.
We request that you would cite MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries or this website as the site where you obtained the original.

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