Spiritual Impacts of Pandemic Responses Worldwide

August 15, 2020

Spiritual Impacts of Pandemic Health Order Elements

This is a Powerpoint summarizing a science journal paper reporting the spiritual impacts of the various aspects of the pandemic health orders. Church@Work scientists have submitted for peer-reviewed publication in some scientific journals, “Spiritual Effects of the Pandemic Responses World-wide”. A Powerpoint summary was presented at the August meeting of the SD Downtown Fellowship. It is a report of a study coordinated by over 1000 Church@Work scientists working in 9 nations, but covering 22 nations (but also summarizing the Eurozone). The report covers issues created by the pandemic health orders, which are medical responses only addressing the physical threats and neglecting spiritual health. While mental health has been addressed in some nations or states, the spiritual foundation of mental health has not been addressed anywhere.

The Report covers spiritual effects of social isolation/lockdown, declarations of essential workers/businesses, and the relation to Scripture and spiritual needs.

Physical Distancing
Essential vs Non-essential (1)
Declared Non-essential Impact
"Comply" repetition
Impacts on different Community Members
Social Divisiveness (an aspect of spiritual warfare)
Speculation re End Times of Revelations

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