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July 15, 2021

There has been a major fire in Dandamudi, Guntur District, AP, India.

A fire originated by an electical overload during a high-humidity, extreme heat event which sent sparks over the thatched roofs of a number houses. All of them were burned to the ground and neighboring houses were damaged.

The home of Pastor Matthew, leader of our Dandamudi Church, was burned to the ground.

Pastor Matthew was injured but none of the rest of his family nor any of his neighbors were injured.

The fire occured at 1 in the morning. Everything was lost, including clothing, household goods and cooking utensiles, food stores, Bibles and books, everything in all of the houses. The members of the church at Dandamudi have rallied to help Pastor Matthew, his family, and his neighbors with food, clothing, and utensiles. The other congregations of the Mission are generously contributing as well.

Now the challenge before us is to rebuild the houses. The Mission will now undertake to construct the new housing, to refill Pastor Matthew's library, and to provide all Bibles. Sadly, this kind of fire accident occurs way too often in rural South India.

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