From Overseas

May 30, 2020


We are pleased to hear that no congregations in our network have any infections associated with the pandemic; we praise our LORD Jesus for His active shield. However, every Country in our network is currently under stay-at-home or quarantine orders. In the rural areas, the Church doesn't have access to the internet, social media, or other technology to help get the Gospel out. The pastors to have access to communications (mostly mobile phones) and have been supporting each other via our Ministry network. Their communications have expanded beyond our initial network, which established the Vision4Africa; pastors from 27 different nations in Africa are now a part of it. The Network is encouraging to the pastors, and they have shared many innovative ways they can continue to hold church services within the confines of their local health orders. The medical resources of our Vision4Africa are now being sought by people who are afraid of COVID infection. This has given opportunities to preach the Gospel. People are coming to faith in Christ and the Body of Christ is growing. The Ministry prayer network has been very active and supporting all of the pastoral requests.


Members of our congregations remain healthy, but they cannot come to church under the health orders. However, the Gospel still goes out daily. Our churches are equipped with PA systems with speakers able to reach their village. In addition, our pastors and ministry leaders are busy taking necessary supplies to people in their villages. They are busy ministering to the police, the homeless, the widows, the orphans, and the poor. Some of our congregations have medical people in their network; they are helping in the cities and towns where the infections are more prevalent than in the rural villages.


Everyone in our congregations in Ukraine remain healthy. Ukraine is also under a quarantine, but groups up to 10 are allowed. In addition, the Internet is readily available as are mobile phones and social media. The churches continue to meet in the public squares on a weekly basis to pray from the Nation. Visits to the orphanages are limited, but continue along with other ministries. Bible studies continue. Worship services are done by Facebook and by multiple services of less than 10 people. The Church is respecting social distancing rules.

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