Bible Interpretation (Spanish)

Bible Interpretation Course for our Spanish language members. This is an essential Church@Work course every member should know.

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Biblical Leadership (Spanish)

The Biblical Leadership Course is a core requirement for every senior member of the Church@Work and important for everyone. This is the Spanish Language version.

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Foundation of a Healthy Well-Balanced Church (Spanish)

Foundation of a Healthy Well-Balanced Church (Spanish) is a course to help Church@Work members find or contribute to helping community congregations.

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Gracia Biblica

Gracia Biblica is our course on Grace translated into Spanish. Biblical grace is a fundamental concept for every Christian and an essential for every member of the Church@Work.

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Iglesia@Ocupacio'n is Church@Work, the course, translated into Spanish.

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Prayer Course (Spanish)

The Prayer Course is available in Spanish to support Church@Work members whose primary language is Spanish. Of course, prayer is essential for all aspects of life.

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