Suggested Process for Preparing for Service (PDF)

The suggested process for preparing for service provides prayer attitudes which better prepare our hearts and mind for preaching and teaching others This version is in PDF form. (An identical version is provided in MS Word form which may be edited or translated for local purposes.)

Everything in our ministries should be initiated, planned, covered, and finished in prayer. This resource focuses on the preparations.

We suggest that every ministry we do should be covered in prayer. We suggest that certain helpers should be appointed to pray while the ministry is in process. The prayer points should include:

The presenter of the message be controlled by the Spirit.

The listeners be anointed to receive the message and be enabled to apply it to their lives.

That all who have participated in the service hear and do the actions the Spirit is commanding.

We suggest that all services of worship or action should be finished in prayer that, as a minimum, thanks and praises our Lord for the hearing and asks for HIS enabling to accomplish all HE has called us to do.

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