Prayer - The Course

Prayer is the most important communication we have in the most important relationship - with our Creator and God!

We are told to "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:16). If we are honest, very few of us know how to pray the way God has instructed us to talk with Him - to listen, not merely speak with Him.
This comprehensive course is filled with Bible instructions on how to pray without ceasing by listening to God. How can we build our relationship with God? - clearly we need to communication well with Him. Relationship communications are in two ways, talking and listening. Most of us have learned religious prayers without learning how to listen. This course is one of our Core Courses used by Church@Work and is available in several languages. (See the language of your preference under Languages.) The contents include:

• What is prayer: Types, attitudes, practices, & principles

• Prayer discipleship

• Prayer in support of spiritual services: Worship; Works of service; Prayer supporting personal spiritual growth; Leadership development; Making decisions; Teaching

• Prayer listening

• Prayer& spiritual warfare

There also courses on Leadership Prayer and Group Prayer which draw mostly from this course, but with some different focal elements added.

Prayer is essential for all of our serving and ministries. Learn to pray well.

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