MT25 Workshop on Self-Image

This workshop was created to help (young) people realize that they need to appreciate who God made them to be rather than being influenced by false images from the world. The workshop and the MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries Theology of Self Image were developed to help pre-teens and teens to avoid lies being taught from culture and the world in which they live - especially from advertising images. The Theology and Workshop were inspired by the DOVE Real Beauty project, which provides extensive on-line materials describing various false-image issues experienced by young girls and women. Some of these false images lead toward suicidal ideas and other destructive behaviors.

Our Vision Ukraine Mission found this to be a particularly large issue in Eastern Europe and wanted special resources developed. We have found the self-image issue to be important across the world in most cultures.

The Workshop runs about a half day with exercises as suggested in this resource.

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