Hamartiology (Sin in short)

Hamartiology is the theology of sin. This is a brief PowerPoint study of the deviations of the sin nature from God's Design for Man.

Legalism (or religiousness) is the seeking to live perfectly in the strength of the flesh and aside from the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. It is living by rules, often chosen by oneself or by terms that are self defined. It is putting confidence in oneself to deliver and save.

Licentiousness is living apart from any constraint from God. It is doing whatever one feels like doing without to the consequences for self or anyone else. It is impulsive and undisciplined behavior and thoughts.

Both of these deviations from the ideal standard of God's righteousness are destructive to us. Both of these deviations are self-deceptive. Only the salvation we have in Christ can transform us and bring us into a right relationship with God.

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