FHWBC Questionnaire

This Questionnaire is used with the Foundations of a Healthy, Well-Balanced Church presentation to help leaders to know how to prioritize discipleship of their congregations.

Christ is the Head of The Church, inclusive of every Christian congregation. However, the human leadership must constantly ensure that Christ is the Head, separate from religious traditions and false doctrines. This Questionnaire focuses on principles to discern where (worldly) cultural attitudes and false doctrines may have influenced personal attitudes or where the discipleship of the congregation may have not been as balanced as it should.

(It is advised that leadership answers be kept separate in order to keep from skewing the congregational assessment. It also allows the leadership to see where there might be substantial differences between the leaders and the congregation on matters of spiritual importance.)

There is a separate answer sheet for the questionnaire that should be used in scoring the questionnaires to determine where there are strengths and potential weaknesses needed correction.

The Course Presentation focuses on Biblical principles.

The Course Assessment provides answers and helps to focus on discipleship solutions.

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