Community Code of Ethics

The Community Code of Ethics is derived from the Hobo Code of Ethics of 1889 formulated at the Hobo Convention of 1889. The COTS Ministry has added Tips for Spiritual Growth and has distributed it widely to people isolated from the general community (such as the homeless population). It is also distributed to churches and ministries to share with their congregants, neighbors, and people to whom they minister.

This version is designed to be printed on legal size paper (8.5 X 14 inch) front and back. When the page is flipped across is short dimension (i.e., lengthwise), it makes two copies per page when split lengthwise. We fold it in half and then in half again with the Title page on top. The Spiritual Tips are in the inside.

The Community Code of Ethics is used as part of neighborhood training to build a sense of community (together with a commUnity training) by a number of church congregations.

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