Becoming One

Becoming one is a discussion of building unity, intimacy in relationships, and oneness. It starts with looking at intimacy in marriage - not physical intimacy but spiritual intimacy. It progresses through oneness in the family within the family unit and across the generations. From there the discussion moves to the communities in which we work and live; not just neighborhoods, but clubs, fellowships, organizations, and all the other kinds of communities in which we participate. The discussion then looks at oneness in our society and nation.

At each level, the meaning and practice of oneness is slightly different. But we also discover that there are great benefits in oneness, which is part of God's desire for our lives. We also realize that there are forces arrayed against us over which we must become victorious. There are some practical things we can do to live victoriously.

Ultimate oneness is achieved by being one with Christ. Christ is the one who has demonstrated how to live in victorious oneness with The Father, our Creator, and also taught us the principles by which we can achieve oneness with each other.

Our ultimate tool for achieving oneness is prayer together toward Christ and gratitude for the unity in which we live. Christ models this for us in His prayer in John 17. We also have the principles laid out for us in fighting the spiritual battles laid out in Ephesians 6:12ff. See also "Armor of God".

This study can be useful in marriage counseling and in team building.

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