"The LORD Said, 'Be...'" is a set of studies on all of God's directions to us as Christians. This includes the attitudes we need to adopt into our daily living.

The resource provides 142 studies in attitudes and behaviors the Bible directs us to incorporate into our lives. A series of tables and overview studies are also provided. The BE studies are excellent for daily devotions and meditations and for small group studies and discussion groups. It was originally presented as a series of Sunday School studies over a 3 year period. The discourse in each study allows personal application. Extensive appendices are provided for aids of study.

This resources has been used extensively and successfully in youth groups and within the COTS Ministry.

"BE..." covers the affirmative directives to us. There is a separate "Be Not..." that covers the negative directives. In many cases, these are complementary, so understanding the true spiritual opposites grows as they are studied together.

This is provided in PDF form.

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